Up and Coming

D-Day at Slapton Sands

If you are attending or are planning to visit the SES running over next weekend at Slapton Sands you need to know the following information:

Criteria for the Special Event station at Torcross are as follow:-

  • Pot luck for parking until the desired spaces become available.
  • Parking must be paid for in all spaces used.
  • It has been explained that the event could go into the night, which will require some operating and some sleeping, but we will have to play this by ear……….
  • Operating times are not restricted, so operating can carry on through out.

To all who are taking part please realise I have twisted a few arms in order to allow us to do this so please do not abuse it


As you can gather, Peter (G4VTO) has gone to some considerable lengths to get us permission to be on this particular site. So make sure you abide by the rules.

If are required to move etc then we will have to comply.

Whilst we do plan to have VHF running, a test during the recce showed that access to GB3TR isn’t feasible with a hand held radio, so don’t rely on it to check in with the SES operators.

If you have any queries please email in asap.

73 Lin.

Torbay Amateur Radio Society is pleased to be able to confirm that we will be activating a Special Event Station with the call sign ‘GB80DCS’ ( 80th Anniversary of D-Day – Commemorations from Slapton Sand in Devon) from the afternoon of the 7th of June until approx. 1200 hrs on the 9th of June, weather and band propagation dependant.

We will be operating on both HF and VHF, telephony and Morse (as appropriate).

For those interested our locators etc are:


WAB Square: SX84

POTA Reference(1): GB-0074 (Slapton Ley)

POTA Reference(2): GB-0231 (South Devon National Landscape).

BOTA Reference: B/G-0180 ROC Post ‘Strete’

Operators who make a confirmed contact GB80DCS will be able to apply for a commemorative pennant – for a nominal fee (£5) PLUS the relvant postage to your location.  Available on a strictly first come first served basis (priority to TARS Members ).

Vistors are very welcome, please note that all the car parks are pay and display!  We wish to extend our sincere thanks to South Hams District Council for their consent to allow us to remain on site for the weekend.

Thank you to Peter (G4VTO), Mike (M7MYK), John (2E0SPS) & Eddie (2E0EVM) for all the help to get this SES organised!