A Net controller who is running the TARS net will call you in when its your turn.

To join a net, just call in between overs.

Listed below are the normal net times, frequencies and controllers.

Feel free to join in and get some TARS activity points.

Day and TimeBandFrequencyCo-ordinator
Monday 10:3080m3.663 MHzG4DCH
Monday 19:002mGB3TR 145.650 MHzM0LED
Monday 20:00Top/160m1.843 MHzG4VTO
Monday 20:306m50.155 MHzG4VTO
Wednesday 09:0020m14.270 MHzG4VUD
Wednesday 10:3080m3.663 MHzG3NJA/A
Friday 21:0080m3.663 MHzGX3NJA
Saturday 10:0080m3.663 MHzG3NJA/A
Sunday 09:0020m14.270 MHzG4VUD
Sunday 12:002m145.575 MHzG4VUD
All times are local time, +/- QRM